We are three Master students thinking about new forms of mobility a lot. Our idea to create UAMAS came during one of our class in Entrepreneurship in which we get support in creating a new venture.

People in Switzerland, in average, invest more than 90 minutes per day for mobility. They are faced with low efficiency in transport, due to indirect routes, caused by topographical challenges of lakes and the alps. Thanks to the progress in technology, the sky will be soon entered to provide efficient city-to-city and inner-city public transportation, resulting in a huge reduction of travel time and cost.

We see Switzerland, with having all the needed criteria, as one of the first countries to take benefit of urban air mobility and to become a hub in this field.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to Urban Air Mobility in Switzerland by connecting stakeholders and informing the public.

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UAMAS founding members

Board members

Kemal Bas
Co-Founder, Board member

Stefan Gygli
Co-Founder, President

Valentin Sierro
Co-Founder, Board member

Sébastien Jeanneret
Board member